​Heber  Springs Water and Wastewater​

Water Related City Ordinances

Statement of Service

     The Heber Springs Water and Sewer Utility strives to provide the best possible service but does not guarantee uninterrupted water and/or sewer service. There may be service interruptions due to power outages, scheduled maintenance, breaks in mains, equipment failures, and other acts of nature beyond our control. It is not usually possible to provide prior notice of service interruptions. The Utility does pledge that, when service is interrupted, our crews will be out working to restore service to you, our valued customer, at any time day or night.

     The Utility's meter box, meter, shut-off valve, and all piping inside the box are property of the Utility. Only Utility employees should turn the service on and/ or off using the Utility's shut off valve. A service charge of $15.00 during normal work hours, $40.00 after hours, is accessed for turning a service off and back on for repairs. 

     The meter box must remain accessible to the Utility's personnel for the purpose of monthly meter reading and necessary  maintenance. Please do not plant flowers, shrubs, trees or do any other landscaping that would impede our access.

     The Utility maintains 6 inch and larger sewer lines from manhole to manhole. Any lines 4 inches and smaller are considered private service lines an are not maintained by the Utility. Emergency service is available at all hours by dialing 501-362-3422 or contacting the Police department at 501-362-8291.

Thank You!